Give Me That Mountain

Join with us…

Share in our mission of challenging and encouraging others to take their own next step of faith. As you join with us, we are all together strengthened. And as we grow in numbers, according to Leviticus 26:8, God compounds our strength and effectiveness.

You can join with us by doing any or all of the following:

Pray together with us…

Prayer is an amazing opportunity. We can actually see the physical world change right in front of our eyes through the power of prayer.

In addition to whatever God specifically brings to your mind, daily prayer in these areas will also be extremely valuable and greatly appreciated:

· Speak God's blessing over everyone involved in the ministry (including you and your family).

· Ask God to give each of us (including you and your family) favor with all people.

· Bless (and do not curse) the folks who resist our effort to reach out with the encouragement of God's Word.

Talk to others…

If God is helping you through this ministry, it is important to tell others—for your sake as well as for theirs.

Your testimony brings the power of God out of the pages of a Book and tells another human being, “God can do it for you, too.” Plus, every time you share the goodness of God with someone else, your own faith is strengthened.

Partner with us financially…

Sherrel and I may not build orphanages in third-world countries, but we support ministries that do. We may not operate a Bible college, but we support ministries that do. We may not have a prison outreach, but we support ministries that do. Our financial investment in a number of ministries makes it possible for us to be a part of what we cannot do with our own hands and feet.

If you've been encouraged by this ministry and want to be a part of spreading that same encouragement to people all over the world, then join with us financially. Think of your money as a magnifier. Your support magnifies the ability of the ministry to reach other people with God's encouragement.

If you wish to support the ministry outreach of Mike and Sherrel Melin, Melin Ministries, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Your donations are tax-deductible (for US residents). Go to our secure payment page to make a recurring monthly gift or a one-time gift of any amount. Or make a one-time gift via your PayPal account.

If you wish to purchase products or schedule Mike for a speaking engagement, Stone Gap Press handles the business operations of Mike and Sherrel Melin.