Give Me That Mountain

What is your denomination?

Going all the way back to childhood, between the two of us Sherrel and I have attended (in no particular order) Mennonite Brethren, Presbyterian, Methodist, Christian (Restoration Movement), and Southern Baptist churches. We currently attend a non-denominational church.

Maybe I can better answer your question this way: We want to know more Word and experience more God. We'll go wherever that's happening.

You will notice that I don't refer to other preachers/teachers by name. This is very intentional on my part, because the first time I mention someone's name, there will be some who will throw me in that person's camp and assume that I believe and teach whatever he or she does.

Instead, whatever stimulates my thinking and lines up with Scripture I immediately make my own. Whether it's something I've heard elsewhere or something God has directly dropped in my head, I study it out and then I try it out in real life.

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