Give Me That Mountain

Our purpose…

"Now therefore, give me this mountain of which the Lord spoke in that day…(Joshua 14:12a NKJV).

God, through a miraculous chain of events, took Caleb and the rest of the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt to the very edge of their promised land. God then sent Caleb and a few others to check out this new land—this new life of freedom.

But Caleb would be eighty-five years old before he ever took possession of his piece of the promise. When he returned to the Israelite camp, he was ready for action. But their lack of faith overpowered him, and the entire community ended up wandering around in the wilderness. They were no longer slaves to the Egyptians, but they were still slaves to a limited belief in God's goodness.

For over forty years though, until all the old men of doubt and unbelief had died off, Caleb held on to his glimpse of paradise. And finally the day came when he would say, "Give me that mountain!"

Whether you are ten years old or a hundred, you also have a promised land. It's bigger than any chunk of real estate. It's a life—your life. Yes, it's eternal. But it doesn't have to start when you die; it can start now!

We are here to help you get a glimpse of that life—and to help you start living it out, beginning today. Are we special? No… we're just available.

God is the special one. If there's anything worth knowing, or worth doing, or worth living for it has everything to do with Him.

Whoever you are and wherever you are, look for your mountain and move—one step at a time. Study the resources we've made available to you, and take your own next step of faith.

Our background...

What are our qualifications for doing what we do? I suppose if we had advanced degrees, now would be the time to tell you. But we can't impress you with our academic achievements. Our formal training—mine in music and Sherrel's in fashion merchandising—has little to do with our ministry.

But we have had an immense amount of informal training in learning to deliberately move from failure to success. Before we learned how to have a satisfying and productive marriage, we'd both failed at marriage. Although we are now successful business people, shortly after I met Sherrel, I had to close the doors of the furniture factory I'd owned for over twenty years.

We understand what it's like to go to bed at night with the hope of not waking up the next morning. We understand what it's like to be hospitalized from an inability to cope. We understand what it's like when anger and unforgiveness become almost lethally toxic. We understand what it's like to be paralyzed with the fear of bad news.

But, thank God, we understand what it's like to look at these scars, along with all the others, only as painless reminders of His goodness. And although the resistance to our progress may have actually increased, we now understand what it's like to rarely ever have a bad day.

Make no mistake about it, we would completely fall apart without God. But we are not without God. To the extent that we are teachable, He teaches. To the extent that we are willing to look, He reveals. To the extent that Sherrel and I are willing to cooperate with Him, He works—in us, around us, through us, and for us.

The only thing that really qualifies us to do what we do is if we help you make progress. After using these resources, if you have a smaller problem and a bigger God then we have succeeded.